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A fire suppression job offers action, excitement, and job satisfaction in an often mentally and physically challenging professional environment.  We are a safety-oriented team looking for eager individuals who are willing to work hard and learn.

The Oregon Department of Forestry hires seasonal wildland firefighting positions each year. These positions generally work from June through September; however, the duration of the season and job conditions vary by location. Not all locations have vacancies each year.  The Eastern Lane unit staffs wildland fire engines out of Springfield, Oakridge, Dorena/Cottage Grove and Holeman/Nimrod.  Free summer housing may be available at the guard stations in Dorena, Holeman and/or Sweet Home.  The Sweet Home Unit staffs wildland engines out of Sweet Home.

Wildland Fire Suppression Specialist ENTRY LEVEL [NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED]

$2,825 – $4,055, plus benefits        (~$16.30 – $23.39 per hour)

To Qualify: At LEAST 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record.

Wildland Fire Suppression Specialist

$3,259 – $4,893, plus benefits        (~$18.80 – $28.23 per hour)

To Qualify:  At LEAST 18 years of age, possess a valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record AND have 2 seasons of wildland firefighting experience.

Forest Officer               

$4,251 – $6,490, plus benefits       (~$24.26 – $37.44 per hour)

To Qualify:  At LEAST 18 years of age, possess a valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record AND have 4 years of wildland firefighting experience OR a Bachelor’s degree in forestry or closely related field and 1 year of wildland fire suppression, OR an Associate’s degree in forestry or a closely related field and 2 years wildland firefighting experience (Underfill option is available)

As a condition of employment, you will be required to pass a Work Capacity Test (WCT).  The WCT is a valid, job-related test that measures an individual’s capacity for arduous work.  The WCT consists of performing a 3 mile hike, on level terrain, in 45 minutes while wearing a 45 pound backpack.  Prior to interview, applicants are strongly encouraged to train to the WCT.

General Duties:

Perform forest fire suppression activities;  Perform pre-suppression readiness activities;  Perform fire prevention and education activities;  Assist with grounds and facility maintenance;  Occasionally perform forest management tasks including slash burning, pre-commercial thinning, road brushing, etc.

  • Schedule includes 40 hour work week, plus overtime
  • Approximate work duration: mid-June to mid-October

How to Apply

  • Go to www.oregonjobs.org
  • Click the Look for jobs – external applicants link in the yellow box
  • Search for the above position(s) for which you qualify (or South Cascade), select, and click “Apply”. 
  • Create a user account and complete application. Apply January through June.  
  • Applications are accepted through June, however interviews are generally completed and most positions filled by April.  For best consideration, apply as early as possible.

Please direct questions to:

Eastern Lane Unit
3150 Main Street, Springfield, Oregon 97478
Brent Peterson, (541) 726-3588 x229,  Brent.A.Peterson@odf.oregon.gov
Isaak Post, (541) 726-3588 x250,  Isaak.J.Post@odf.oregon.gov

Sweet Home Unit
6108 Highway 20, Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
Chad Calderwood, (541) 367-6108,  Chad.Calderwood@odf.oregon.gov
Nick Case, (541) 367-6108,  Nick.B.Case@odf.oregon.gov


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