Fire Restrictions and Prevention

COVID-19 and Wildfire
The COVID-19 virus event is putting pressure on us all in many different ways. The guidance and efforts to slow or stop the spread of the virus seems to be changing daily. These are uncertain times and we don’t want to add to our troubles. Starting a wildfire now would take important resources away from current emergency work and potentially expose first responders to the virus. Extra caution needs to be used with any use of fire (camp fire or debris burn etc.) and choosing alternatives to burning is even a better idea. Chip, mulch or hauling the material is preferred.
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Home Owners – click here for prevention information

Forest Workers – click here for restrictions

Smokey for Kids – Preventing Wildfires    smokey-for-kids

Check out the ODF page with Prevention information.  Now is the time to start getting prepared to keep our homes and property safe of fire dangers.


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